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HockeyAssistant V3.17.11202.1200 for Windows
December 2, 2017
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What's new in HockeyAssistant3?


December 2, 2017.

This version contains minor bug fixes only and some new features.

New features:

  • TFS120 A new Championship HTML page is available in the generated for websites. Championship website contains info about:
    • Venue with post address, Google Maps Link and optional emergency phone number
    • Organizer(s) of the event with log, website, e-mail address of the organizers
    • Officials of the tournament, like TD, TO, umpires, judges
    • Pool(s) with team names. Clicking on team names shows the Team setup popup dialog with the team officials (Manages, coaches) and last but not at least the players.
  • TFS103 Makes possible to import age of players from entry forms (MS Word, Text based pdf).
  • TFS102 Simplifies registering HockeyAssistant.

Bug fixes:

  • TFS121 Resolves and issue with cancelling adding a new match in Championship wizard cleared all the existing matches
  • TFS105 Resolves issues found during EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge 2017, Men, Budapest
  • TFS104 Resolves syntax issues in the generated web site.
  • TFS101 Resolves an issue with registering software causes run-time error on some machines.
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